Absolutely! Once you join our plentea matcha family we will do all we can to take of you! Simply email us at: hellomatcha@plentea.org

Upon popular request, we have also added a bi-weekly matcha subscription option adding greater savings.

We are truly giving you the very best price when you join a monthly / bi-weekly subscription, so this is excluded from any promotional / discount codes.

We’re happy to accommodate special occasions, simply email us at: hellomatcha@plentea.org

For optimal freshness, store matcha in the refrigerator (cool temperature under 68F, 20C). The tin is a double sealed so you may also wish to remove the foil bag and pour your matcha directly into the tin and remove the insert.

Before first use: dip your bamboo chasen in a bowl with warm water and wait a few minutes as the tips (tines) unfurl.

After each use: always rinse the chasen immediately with warm water, air dry and place in our tin with lid open if still wet or on your counter. The chasen is a beautiful piece of art handcrafted from a single piece of bamboo so will last you 2 years if cared for properly.

This bamboo scooper is easy to care for, simply rinse with warm water after each use, air dry, and slide into our sustainably made cover once completely dry.

Absolutely! Don’t let it water down though :)

Yes! We intentionally sourced sustainable packaging for your re-use!