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Plentea is centered around traditional Japanese practices of healing and self-care achieved through the nutritional properties of matcha. Instantly evident by our vibrant green color, scent and delicious umami, our matcha has been cultivated with love from one of the few remaining award-winning family farms on the hillside of Uji, near Kyoto in Japan. What makes our matcha ceremonial grade? It’s shade grown, handpicked, de-stemmed, deveined, air dried (to stop oxidation) and stone-ground as has been tradition for the finest and purest matcha for over 800 years! Learn more below and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Shade grown

What makes matcha sweet with no traces of bitterness? Our Tea Masters carefully shade the matcha leaves in the time leading up to harvest. This not only boosts nutrients but also L-theanine (the feel good amino acid responsible for green tea’s umami flavor. Exposure to sunlight decreases this component and increases catechins causing the leaf to become more astringent and bitter. In general, tea leaves that have more umami are considered higher in grade, this is why we chose the highest grade: Ceremonial Grade Matcha.


How is our matcha so vibrant green? well, location above all. Uji is the birthplace of matcha for a reason. The very best matcha is chosen by hand —our tea masters do this once per year, typically in May. Only the topmost, youngest pair of leaves on the very top of the tea plants are handpicked to produce premium matcha in a laborious method called Niyou Tsumi (two leaf picking), making it electric green in color.They are then steamed to preserve the color and nutrients, and to stop the enzymatic action within the leaves, then thoroughly dried with heated blowers.


Why is it powdered? when we consume matcha green tea, we are consuming the whole leaf, rather than seeping our tea in warm water. With that comes so many more health benefits.Before it even gets to powder, matcha is sorted for grade (with the youngest, greenest, most tender leaves earning the highest marks) which is ours!
The leaves that make it through the rigorous process of destemming and deveining are called tencha and of course the quality of tencha varies widely. 

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Founder & CEO

Inspired by my work with the United Nations on the prevention and treatment of severely malnourished children, I have expanded upon my combined learnings of nearly 10 years working with UN agencies, most recently UNICEF, and my learnings from Nutritional Sciences studies at Cornell to share both wellness and impact. 

One of Plentea Matcha's key pillars is to honor traditional Japanese practices of nourishment through matcha -while contributing to the development of sustainable programs in underserved communities. Since inception, Plentea Matcha has supported the Lower Eastside Girls Club; specifically their nourishment programs. We are beginning with their rooftop garden where girls ages 8-18 are empowered to plant their own seeds, provided the knowledge and tools to prepare nourishing meals, and empowered with skills for nurturing their own gut and mental health utilizing plants - all while refining a foundation for a career path in culinary arts and beyond.

I have lived in the West Village for 10 years, so you can find me hosting Plentea Matcha tastings, walking my puppy labradoodle Milo and citi-biking around town.

Follow along on @plentea.co

Food Photographer

Susanna has an eye for all things creative! The scrumptious images you see here were beautifully styled and captured by Susanna! She shoots food & beverage for advertising, magazines, and books. We love her & you will too!

She is joined by super talented stylists, chefs, art directors, and designers during projects as needed.

Susanna shares her time between New York City and Stockholm. Follow her on Instagram: @SusannaBlavarg

Board Certified Nutrition Specialist

Charlotte is a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist professional and a member of the American College of Nutrition.

Her practice, Thrive East, was created out of her passion for real food, nutrition science, and the belief that all people should have access to individualized nutrition. 

Charlotte’s approach is practical, goal oriented, and always optimistic. Charlotte works closely with clients to support their health by first teaching why we want to choose real food, then how to create sustainable lifestyle changes.

Southampton based with universal tips, recipes and wellness inspiration. As she says, don’t miss a beet, and keep up with Charlotte on Instagram: @ThriveEastNutrition

Chief Operating Officer

Victoria’s travels across Asia from an early age influenced her practice of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga which naturally led to tea. Instantly recognizing its vibrant green color, Victoria & Jess quickly connected over matcha and life as graduate students at NYU in 2012. A shared bond they are delighted to spill over to you. Given the level of uncertainty, it’s important for us to find these moments of nourishing, energizing, peace.

Currently living in Asia, this new mommy is centered in her daily ritual of preparing matcha at home and incorporating the Japanese view of wabi-sabi into her global interior design projects via Polilam.

Holistic Health Coach

Bianca is a certified holistic health & accountability coach and the creator of the Living with Bianca Accountability Journal.

During her academic studies, Bianca learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and more than 100 dietary theories, such as Ayurveda, gluten-free, Paleo, raw, vegan, macrobiotics, and everything in between.

Bianca lives between LA and NYC. For more information on Bianca and her work, follow her on Instagram: @BiancaKamhi

Art Director

Shiori is our experiential designer. Alongside Jess, Shiori art directed PlenTea’s Kintsugi inspired packaging.

Jess and Shiori were connected through a mutual Japanese friend in Brooklyn and the two instantly got to work on capturing Kintsugi and what PlenTea interprets the Japanese art of Kintsugi to be - a profound metaphor for embracing our own flaws and imperfections.

Currently living between Brooklyn and Japan, this creative, adventurous foodie is energized by her craft! Follow her on Instagram: @Shioripon