Japanese Tea Canister (100G)
Japanese Tea Canister (100G)
Japanese Tea Canister (100G)
Japanese Tea Canister (100G)


Preserve Freshness: Double-Sealed Tin for Handcrafted Japanese Matcha

Introducing our Double-Sealed Tin, meticulously crafted to safeguard the exceptional quality and freshness of our authentic Japanese Matcha. Handcrafted in Japan, this elegant tin is designed to protect the delicate flavors and vibrant green color of our premium tea, ensuring every scoop delivers an unparalleled matcha experience.

Why Choose Our Double-Sealed Tin?

  • Ultimate Freshness: Double-sealed to maintain the potency and integrity of our handcrafted Japanese Matcha, preserving its aroma and nutritional benefits.
  • Premium Quality Assurance: Crafted with precision in Japan, reflecting centuries of tea-making expertise and dedication to perfection.
  • Enhanced Storage: Designed to shield matcha from light and moisture, prolonging its shelf life while retaining its exceptional flavor profile.

Crafted with Care: Our Double-Sealed Tin goes beyond storage; it's a symbol of our commitment to delivering the finest Japanese Matcha with every spoonful, ensuring authenticity and satisfaction.

  • Origin: Handcrafted in Japan
  • Japanese tin maker, Kotodo Takahashi, hand-lacquered this small air tight tea canister, beautifully designed in a cylindrical shape to prevent moisture from accumulating in the corners.

Experience Unrivaled Excellence: Transform your matcha ritual with the assurance of freshness and quality. Embrace the essence of Japanese tea culture with our Double-Sealed Tin, crafted to preserve and enhance your matcha experience.

Savor the Essence of Japanese Matcha: From the serene tea fields of Japan to your cup, our Double-Sealed Tin ensures that each moment spent enjoying our handcrafted matcha is infused with purity, flavor, and tradition. Discover the difference with every delightful sip.


The quintessential feature of the canister, namely the inner lid and the deep overlap between the body and the outer lid were also designed to ensure the airtightness of the tea canister. 

Please note that the lid has a small indentation on the back, which is used by the maker to dip the tin in lacquer.

  • Artist: Kotodo Takahashi
  • Dimensions: φ2.87" x h3.15"
  • Capacity: 100g of sencha or 35g of hōjicha


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Japanese Tea Canister (100G)

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