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This short video will guide you from beginning to end on preparing your matcha at home. A few important notes below:

The demonstration includes warm oatly milk (about 1/2 a cup), but should you wish to prepare with water, follow exact steps and substitute milk for water.

We also demonstrate the size of the scoop, you’ll use two scoops for one cup.

Whisking & your chasen (whisk): as we learned here, your chasen is handcrafted from one single piece of bamboo, so as we use it for the first time, it’s necessary to remove the tube in the center and then dip it in a bowl with warm water. Watch the tips unfurl, it’s a beautiful process.

After about 2 minutes, rinse out the water in the bowl and rinse your chasen. Dry the bowl and pat dry your chasen.

After your first use, you’ll only need to rinse before and after use.

You’ll know when to stop whisking when all you see are small bubbles as demonstrated.

Water temperature:

Water temperature is incredibly important, so remember from here, we learned the temp should not be boiling. It’s ideal at 80°C / 176°F

Also, as a side note, remember matcha should be stored in the refrigerator after opening for optimal freshness.

How to prepare with water only (not a latte)

  1. Follow the exact same steps as in the video, but instead of adding milk, add your desired amount of water (typically the size of your cup)

  2. Everything else remains.

How to prepare an Iced Matcha

  1. Follow the exact same steps as in the video

  2. Add milk or water as your normally would (warm)

  3. Add ice to a cup and pour over


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